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Yoga classes in fitness clubs

Yoga is a wellness and spiritual practice, which is one of the oldest in the world.
Yoga is not only a set of exercises, but also a special philosophy and view of the worldview. However, for those who want only to lose a couple of extra pounds and maintain their shape and skin in good shape, yoga has switched to fitness yoga, which combines elements of fitness and yoga exercises at the same time. Today, even inexpensive fitness clubs offer these programs to their customers.
Fitness yoga is accessible to everyone, while traditional yoga implies not only performing physical exercises, but also leading a certain lifestyle, which is consistent with the worldview of this ancient practice, and this, in turn, can and do not want to afford many. A trainer in fitness yoga is very important during training, he should be psychologically suitable for you so that the classes are as comfortable as possible. Therefore, be sure to go to the trial lesson, look at his behavior and teaching style, evaluate how much he helps the participants.
When starting classes, you must be very careful, do not immediately strive to impress others with your stretching and flexibility of the body, you need to do it only for yourself in order to maintain your health and beauty. If you strain too much in the first classes, you can harm your muscles, you need to learn the capabilities of your body gradually.
As a rule, all new fitness centers conduct classes according to the following scenario: participants sit on rugs, cross their legs, close their eyes and adjust to work for several minutes. The special postures that are used in yoga are called asanas. They are able to strengthen the body, increase physical endurance, improve blood circulation, in addition, tone the skin of the body. With the help of asanas, fatigue is relieved, they help calm the nervous system, relieve nervous tension. To achieve maximum efficiency, it is necessary to monitor the correct position of the body.
First, beginners are offered to perform the simplest poses, then gradually move to more complex ones. After the exercises, rehabilitation is carried out - this is a gradual transition from a state of load to a state of relaxation.
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