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Tonkinskaya: breed description

This is an incredibly beautiful cat with sky blue eyes. Among the townsfolk, they do not lose their popularity to this day. Their character is incredibly affectionate and they will suit those who like to sit quietly with a kitty in their arms.

Origin history

For the first time, cats were mentioned in the 14th century, but they got to England only in the 19th century and were then called "Chocolate Siamese". They began to work on the breed in Canada, where felinologists knitted Simov and Burmese. As a result, offspring with a delicate color and bright eyes appeared. The breed was officially recognized in 1971 and named it “Golden Siamese”.


Tokinesis is medium in size and weighs no more than 4-6 kg. Their physique is muscular but graceful thanks to their slender legs. The head is slightly shortened and not very elongated. The muzzle is wedge-shaped with the correct outlines.

The ears are small and slightly long with oval tips. The eyes are set wide and shaped like a peach seed. The coat is dense, soft and silky.


These cats are distinguished by dog ​​devotion. Tokines meets the owner from work, they are so attached to the person. The pet feels the owner’s mood and always holds with a purr.

Tonkin cats get along with all animals and even rodents and birds. But if a dog is brought into the house, you need to watch over them, as the kitty can come to make friends.

The children are friendly, but you can’t leave them alone, the child can inadvertently play with her. They are big caresses and require attention from the owner.


Care is not difficult, it is enough to scratch the hair with a soft comb once a week, and during molting every 3 days. You need to bathe your pet no more than once a year with special shampoos. It is necessary to do according to the schedule of vaccinations, process from parasites and anthelmintic.


You can feed your pet with ready-made feeds or naturalki. When choosing a natural meat, there should be at least 80%, the rest is sour milk, a little cereal, vegetables and fruits. Twice a week, fish fillets are given, and a boiled egg once a week.
With caution, give milk; in some adults, diarrhea from it.

It is strictly forbidden to give cats sweets and canned food for humans, seasoned food, salinity and leftovers from the table.


The health of the cats is excellent, but the pedigree diseases did not pass them by - amylodiosis of the liver, problems with teeth and upper respiratory tract.

The cost of kittens is not small and ranges from 40,000 to 80,000 rubles. The price depends on the color and class of the animal. You can find all you need for plastic surgery at by clicking here.

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