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Tips for completing The Amazing Spider-Man - Basic Missions # 3

Chapter 02 - Escape Impossible

When you are finished talking with Connors, turn around and enter the ventilation shaft above the grill.

This will lead you into a large room with cells.

From there, jump onto the barrier on the left and keep going forward until you reach the control panel.

Soon he will be destroyed by a careless guard. Your mission will be to save staff and stop the fugitives.

When you finish the battle, jump on the barrier to the right. Right next to it is a staircase leading to the upper floor.

There you will meet one of the hospital staff, who was attacked by a group of madmen. To save him, hold RB and point to the table behind him. Spider-Man will use it to stun enemies.

Stunned enemies can be quickly disarmed by pressing the B button.

Get rid of others using the nearest vending machine.

After completing the fight, go forward through the open bars. The second will move after a short conversation.

In the next corridor you will be attacked by another group of loonies.

Defeat them all and use the lever on the right.

Then quickly press RB and use Web Rush on the door on the other side. They will open only for a short time, so you need to be quick.

To move on, use the ventilation shaft indicated above.

The tunnel will lead you to another passage.

So you get to the worker, and next to the urinal will be another enemy. Quickly defeat him, and then get rid of the group of enemies in the next room.

Then follow the nearest barricade.

The corridor will lead you to a pile of burning furniture.

Jump over them (RT) and you will come across a running Felicia.

After the woman disappears, turn right and go through the hole on the left. There you will find another battle.

A little further you will meet Connors.

Talk to him, and then head inside the ventilation shaft on the left.

This will lead you to a computer that will open the passage for your satellite.

Run forward and get to the burning stairs.

Go to the very top with Web Rush and defeat the enemy at the window.

With his dead, do the same with what's on the other side of the square.

After defeating him, jump down. You will need to fight a group of madmen.

When the first group is unconscious on the ground, take care of the arrows in the other two windows.

Only after eliminating them should you take care of the other two below and talk to Connor.

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