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Tips for completing the game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Quest Airy World Eater # 006

If you want to play fair or just get some experience from the destruction of Nakhkhrin, you can let him take the staff. Regardless of whether your character prefers melee or ranged attack, you must bear in mind that the boss can cause quite serious damage, mainly due to lightning and fire. Nakhrin is also capable of causing subordinates, in particular, storm atrons.

If you want to make the battle easier, consider hiding behind the columns. The recently unlocked Storm Call Shout can also come in handy, in fact you should use it at the very beginning of the battle. This will cause Lightning to strike Nakhriin from time to time, which will lead to the loss of part of his health.

The battle can also have one big difficulty, as one of the scenarios implies that two large dragons, by default sitting on the side posts, can join the battle. In such a situation, I would recommend taking care of them after defeating Nahriin, unless their attacks make it impossible to fight the priest.

The two animals mentioned above are a bloody dragon breathing fire and a frost dragon that will use ice-based attacks. They fight best with long-range attacks, using pillars as cover. You must decide on this step, even if your character specializes in hand-to-hand combat, since dragons can do huge damage and it’s difficult to maintain health at a reasonable level. Of course, you should use Screams throughout the battle, although I would not recommend Dragonrend, as dragons will often land. It is much better to stick to one of the attacking Screams, such as Storm Summon, allowing you to damage both of them at the same time. After you defeat both animals, do not forget to devour their souls and plunder their corpses.

Note. If you can’t deal with dragons at all, you can skip this battle by quickly opening the Sovngard portal (details below).

If you manage to get to the portal before Nakhrin closes it, you can immediately go to Sovngard. Otherwise, find the priest's corpse to take the Staff of the Dragon Priest, although you may also be interested in the Mask of Nakhriin, associated with one of the side quests and the very valuable item itself. Go to the dragon, put the staff back in it and jump into the portal.

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