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Security - Important Part of Corporate Event Planning!

So you need to plan a company event, but you are pretty clueless in terms of the actual planning. You have little to no experience with setting up this type of event in a timely manner. Not to mention you have no idea what location to pick.

Not to worry; there are people who dedicate their time and efforts to doing just that. And we count among them. A professional event planner can help you find the most suitable venues and locations for your exact custom needs (number of guests, theme, logistics, equipment, food, and beverages, etc) and organize a successful event. There are many advantages of hiring a full-service meeting and event management company that will take care of all your needs instead. The alternative, to hire one company for beverages, one for tables, another one for music and so on, will leave you with a constant fair that you have missed something. Organizing a corporate event is also different from a family event like a wedding. Make sure to choose a company specialized in the logistical planning of meetings and events for corporate clients. One of the main differences between a private and a corporate event is the need for security. And since security should always come first no matter what type of event you might need to plan, here are a few ideas on how to ensure and maximize security for any event.

Why Do You Need Special Event Security?


Special event security is required to maintain high levels of safety for all guests and people attending a corporate event.

Depending on the theme of the events, the importance of the people attending it, and the valuable equipment or items used/presented during the event,
thieves might try to make their way at the event.

The more flexible and effective the security solutions you can use, the better protected your event will be. Browse for reliable and experienced security companies that can rapidly adapt to any dynamic setting. If you will be introducing groundbreaking or confidential information during the event, you definitely do not need anyone uninvited lurking around.

Besides security guards, a security company should also provide you with monitored security and other similar solutions.

Security personnel and locksmiths can rapidly assist specific lock and key problems during big corporate events thanks to their emergency service. There are several nationwide locksmiths services and their mobile crews answer calls 24/7 and help out people in need of quick-lock picking aid because of accidental lockouts, lost or broken keys, and other similar issues. Advanced electronic locks that enable the use of access cards can also be submitted to the risk of malfunction or thieves' attacks.

Professional locksmiths that handle commercial services can also be hired to assess the state of the existing sets of alarm systems, sensors, and surveillance cameras, and recommend the best solutions. Reliable security or locksmith services should be able to handle the entire range of security needs on the spot. No company would want to have their product prototype stolen or copied during the release event! Depending on the type of event and what product is presented you may need special safety arrangements for the product display and if you are arranging a VIP charity event you need to make sure the donations received are well protected! Due to the increased threats around events today, many event planners choose to have security staff and a locksmith present during the entire event in case of an emergency. Knowing that any situation can be handled on the spot will make the host of the event feel a lot more secure with your services. May it be the need to immediately cut duplicate sets of keys, make master keys that enable better key control and management, install fresh locks, add deadbolt locks and other types of locks to existing locks, fix or re-key locks, or fit and fix alarm systems and surveillance cameras, intercoms, panic bars, and other similar devices.

Find a service that can not only create but also effectively execute the best security solutions for your event.

Keep in mind event security is just as essential a part of a corporate event as lighting and menus. Find the right balance between getting enough security, while also not going over the line and using overly restrictive practices. Do the opposite and you will risk threatening the success of the event itself. Proper risk assessment and the development of a good emergency response plan that includes the local authorities and emergency locksmiths are mandatory steps. The focus should fall on the people first, then on the technology used. Remember to lock down the event WiFi and prevent data theft.

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