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With a cheerful morning!

The alarm rings. As soon as he wakes up, a man jumps out of bed and, headlong, runs to wash himself. The brain is partially disoriented, but the person continues to “wake up”, barely getting his foot in the right leg and burning himself with strong coffee. Annoyed comes to work, after a couple of hours drowsiness appears ... A familiar picture? Specialists of the State Center for Preventive Medicine offer to donate 5 minutes in the morning to find many hours of energy and work capacity of the day.
What happens during sleep? In the process of this special state of the body, the metabolism slows down, the blood circulation decreases, the joints of the spine contract. That is why you can not abruptly get out of bed at the alarming call of the alarm clock! The transition from sleep to wakefulness should be gradual. The organs and systems of the body must be prepared for work. To this end, a number of effective exercises have been developed.
Gymnastics to wake up
1. Lie on your back, put your palms on your stomach, perform 7-10 diaphragmatic inspirations. At the same time, while inhaling, try to stick out your stomach and inflate it like a ball. And on the exhale - on the contrary, draw inward. This so-called diaphragmatic breathing helps to naturally disperse stagnant blood overnight in the peritoneum. The ventilation of the lungs is also improved, the work of the cardiovascular system is activated.
2. Roll over to your left side and take a “fetal position”: pull your knees to your chest and lower your head. Put your palm on the right hypochondrium and perform another 7-10 diaphragmatic inspirations. This will help to “clear” the bile ducts and “awaken” the intestines.
3. “Spread your wings,” that is, stretch the spine: pull your right hand up, your right heel - in the opposite direction. Do the same on the left side. Now reach out with both hands.
4. Perform the exercise "bike" for a minute, simulating the pedal torsion. This will improve blood flow in the legs and warm up the knee and ankle joints.
5. And now, with cat's grace, take a knee-elbow pose and bend your back up, then down, touching your chest to the bed. Run 5-6 times. This will help to stretch the spine.
6. Sit a little in bed, gently massaging your shoulders and making “little things”.
That's all. The body is ready for a new day and labor feats. It is good if the first steps are taken on a massage mat or massage shoes are worn. Peppy music, a glass of orange juice or freshly brewed tea will consolidate the effect. Have a good day! 5 minimum deposit casino

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