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We ourselves returned from the next flight

Despite the “non-flying” weather, the space brothers expressed a desire to get acquainted with the harbor in detail. There is already a ferry complex behind the stern, the boat enters the water area of ​​the shipyard.

Impressive! - exclaims V. Lyakhov, having seen a panorama of floating docks. And adds:

- Our "space" navy is also being repaired here?

Having received an affirmative answer, Vladimir Afanasevich, referring to his friends-cosmonauts, the commander of the * series B. Volynov and his entourage notes:

- Jewelry and very reliable work should be when such an exact technique is involved. Well done ship repair!

V. Lyakhov is laconic and restrained in his assessments. The joint Soviet-Afghan expedition was for him, the 47-year-old commander of the fourteenth international space crew, the third meeting with the sixth ocean.

And, Momand - the first cosmonaut of the Republic of Afghanistan - is much younger than his friend and commander, he turned thirty on January 1. It is curious that the birthday of Ahad - as his friends call him - coincides with the founding date of the People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan, which he has been in the ranks of since he was 18 years old. He got into aviation on the advice of his older brother, an Air Force officer. He graduated from the USSR military flight school, then fought in the sky of his long-suffering Motherland, studied at the Air Force Academy, and shortly after graduation he fell into the cosmonaut corps.

... But here is the "Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin" - a famous ship of science. A solid roll of waves throws the Ruby, preventing it from mooring alongside the ocean giant. The guests carried the sea “weightlessness” no worse than the space one: in a matter of minutes they climbed the lowered ladder onto the snow-white ship.

- These are huge things! - exclaimed M. Gulyam, examining the colossal openwork parabolic antennas of "Gagarin".

After a while, during a conversation with sailors and employees of a scientific expedition, V. Lyakhov, as if continuing this thought, would say:

- What, for example, is to find this "whopper" from space! I remember, somehow, after the next communication session with Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, I set myself this goal. I searched for a long time, and still managed to see the white point in the ocean, at the latitude of New York.

“We ourselves not so long ago, about a month ago, returned from the next voyage, which became the seventeenth for our ship,” said captain G. Grigoriev. - Indeed, each expedition with us, as a rule, lasts 9-10 months. The program was successful, and received high marks for its activities.

“I can testify to your stable and clear work,” states V. Lyakhov. - Out of the radio visibility zone from ground stations, you forgive me such a comparison, just the gods ...

“When during the next revolution around the Earth, communications with the Mission Control Center cease,” said the commander of the cosmonaut squad twice Hero of the Soviet Union B. Volynov, “Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin” remains the only point connecting us with the country. At such moments, even a short radiogram from the ship instills vigor and confidence: the Motherland is with us. This is what a hard ocean watch of a science ship means to us, your hard watch. Thanks friends!

And V. Lyakhov proposed to thank all our “sea wolves”. Thus was born the greeting of the astronauts to the workers of the sea.

The sailors expressed their gratitude to the conquerors of the sixth ocean:

- Not only we help the astronauts, it also happened that they helped our ship out. For example, several years ago, thanks to their timely warning, we were able to leave the epicenter of a hurricane in the Atlantic.

The sailors asked V. Lyakhov to talk about the reason for the prolonged landing, which made the earthlings pretty worried. effets secondaires du Viagra Viagra en ligne

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