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Fallout: New Vegas: Overview

Even before the release of New Vegas , vague doubts were visiting me. They accompanied me during the development of the third part. It just so happened - a good friend worked at that time in Bethesda , lived in the USA, sent pictures from the office ... and, of course, secretly shared various details. However, my friend was not an avid Fallout fan , he just worked at Bethesda and before that on Oblivion . This was alarming, and not in vain - Fallout 3 turned out to be ambiguous. Endless disputes in all languages ​​of the world, scattered across the Internet by fetid bits of verbal battles, testify.

It is no coincidence that the phrase “Oblivion with guns” became popular. She is close to many. I do not really agree, but it is impossible to deny the truth - although not swords in the hands, but too much reminds the lands of Tamriel. And then the publishers decided to make a knight's move - if Fallout does not go to Bethesda , then Bethesda itself will go to Fallout . And she went - to Obsidian.

The development team, of course, is known to us, although not always from the best side. One way or another, technical problems occurred in all major studio projects. KotoR 2 came out cropped and with a touch of bugs. Neverwinter Nights 2 was riddled with errors and fought in fits until patch 1.04 (not everyone endured it). Alpha Protocol ? In our review you can find out how the company worked on the first own project. All of these games have something in common - “crookedness” in technical implementation ... and great plot and techniques for its presentation. Even the banal in the spy theme Alpha Protocol struck by the number of options, endings and moves.

And here's the dilemma - memories ofFallout 3 shout about the mercilessly ruined forged plot story atmosphere. One has only to think about New Vegas , how the boring DLC ​​and the straight, like the leg of a chair, main quest come up before your eyes. In the darkness and depression there was only one timid ray of hope - on Chris Avellone , the author of the “Fallout Bible”. Let's grab it and make sense of this: is this Fallout the same New Vegas?

The first thing I heard from someone about the new incarnation of Fallout is that the music is supposedly better than in Fallout 3 . I decided to deliberately check. Remember, perhaps, what repelled the Wasteland of the third part? Me, though not everywhere and not always, is a bright "Oblivion" glaze on everything where the light falls, and a weak soundtrack. I had to listen to the president of America for hours to get my ears plugged. In New Vegas, you don’t want to turn on the radio at all. And not from slop, as is usually the case. Listening to the Wasteland is much more interesting. Old fans like me will understand - New Vegas ambient is actively using elements of those samecompositions. Small details in the sound adjust to the desired mood. Somewhere far away, sirens howled almost faintly, and you catch yourself feeling like this at Brook Hills’s flood hill - anxiety, danger and inevitability are in the poison air. And it is worth approaching closer to the town - immediately the vision of the Hub, its melodious chimes pops up. Not only music speaks about the past, characters very often casually throw bits of information about that very Fallout . One was in the Hub, the other tells a story about the Necropolis, the third remembers something about Arroyo ... Anyway, the old and familiar NKR appears here, and at the very beginning you can fix the well.

Non-native developers have always tried to take a step from the old series - but it always turned into an abyss.Fallout Tactics showed an alternative storyline - the Brotherhood of Steel and its adventures from there are not connected with the events of F1-2 . Fallout 3 is generally about the Capital Wasteland, even the power armor there is not the same as everywhere, and the enclaves are completely different. It seems that the authors were afraid to get stuck in the current history of the series (by the way, soon the third part about Grand Theft Auto will be, honestly) . It is probably for the best - it is not for nothing that Tactics are not considered canonical. Obsidian climb the sacred was not frightened - Avellone and the team confidently took the wasteland and added that verylife in detail and atmospheric. In music and conversations, in small references and large references, but this is only the tip - the roots sit deep and glance at the freshly spit out conqueror of the endless, but not so dead radioactive desert.

I will not tell you about the role component so far - it’s inside, but they’re met by clothes. In this place, the number of doubts I had was the biggest - well, I don't like the look of Fallout 3 . I never loved GameBryo, and because of the minimal differences from The Elder Scrolls 4 , including in terms of interface, I completely hated it. New vegasHowever, in this regard, nothing has changed. Inventory - all the same sketchy garbage without pictures and descriptions. But the Wasteland has become more beautiful. I don’t know what they twisted there, but it became somehow more alive, or something. You stand on a hill and look into the distance with inspiration - the sun slowly rises from the horizon, the first rays timidly touch the burned earth, covering it with a deceptively warm golden glow. There are no clouds, the sky is just starting to turn blue, a gentle breeze gently rubs the traveler’s jacket, a young gecko quickly runs away with the bite of the hero who has looked at the Wasteland ... Yes, the biting lizards are with us again. Perhaps the best connection between the old and new games of the series cannot be found - geckos were the whole milestone of Fallout 2, and in the first part, fabulously expensive military armor and flamethrowers were exchanged for their skins. The developers, apparently, especially tried - the animation of the mutants is beyond praise. From great damage, predators crouch, close their paws and plaintively squeak - you can already put a tear. True, compassion is not worth it - we remember that geckos are able to bite through metal armor, and even they jump in a three-dimensional world cleaner than grasshoppers. True, even ten years ago, they greatly exaggerate the level of danger - I chop them and naked, the main thing is to have a good gun in my hand. And melee, by the way, is held in high esteem. For the first time in the series.

From the time of the first and second parts, an installation has developed: knives and fists sucks. This is the fault of the design - who needs a piece of ground steel, even with a built-in chainsaw, if you can carefully remove the enemy’s eyes, brain and half of the skull from a distance of 50 cells? While the melee master is running, the sniper is already killing everyone. Yes, and in close combat it’s not hard: you can get it on the face, surround it, you need to spend the stimpacks, grenades fly, all kinds of poisoning are possible, but if they knock you down, you’ll die in general ... In New Vegascontact types of killing are welcome - even with minimal skill, the character actively cuts into tatters and tears like a Tuzik heating pad, give him only a shredder more weighty. A machete from a piece of some piece of iron with the property of crushing limbs easily discourages any small animals and not too armored boys and ladies of a gangster-robber orientation. It’s a pleasure to watch - there really is a sense, and you don’t have to run back and forth across all the surrounding hills to plant a good hundred lead gifts into the enemy.

However, fans of shooting also live very well. Obsidiancorrected, in my opinion, one of the main "stocks" of the third part - the appearance of the weapon and its sound. Yes, a lot of models are left from past times - laser and plasma pistols have not changed. Broken Steel is also with us , if my memory serves me, and you can find it almost at the very beginning, but ... even earlier, we pick up a completely new gun that shoots with a “human” sound, and does not depict a pillow-faucet. A shotgun, a single-shot shotgun, and automatic equipment have the same features. For the first time in Fallout in 3D “trunks” appeared, from which you want to shoot. Two fingers up, friends, this has been missing all two long years.

The further you get in the plot, the more you rejoice. Novelty at the start does not stop at the end of the game. An unusual 9 mm pistol is replaced by a 12.7 mm machine gun, then a rifle that shoots with antimatter ... Fans of beating their faces in the face of the enemy’s eyes will not be disappointed either - 50 types of melee weapons will not let you get bored. The generosity of developers knows no limits at all - at any moment in the Wasteland you can kill in almost ten different ways. Happiness in its pure form, sometimes dismembered or neatly stacked in a pile of ash. There’s even a "children's" little stick ... that causes an orbital laser strike. Are you also disappointed with rocket salvos to nowhere from Fallout 3 ? In New Vegas , this is a whole quest about it.

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