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What foundation is suitable for a frame house

Today, wireframe construction technology is not so widespread, but it is still often used in the construction of household and other "secondary" buildings. Frame house - the object is not too heavy, so when erecting it, you can do with a lightweight foundation. This alone does not mean that the owner may neglect his arrangement. The following describes which types of foundation are most suitable. There are a lot of them, if you look.

1. Column foundation for frame house

Perhaps, the columnar foundation will be the best option for owners who want to save as much as possible. Its laying requires minimal expenses and minimum time. For laying the column foundation, reinforced concrete, special foundation blocks, even ordinary brick are used. The restriction in this case is only one: the columnar type foundation is not suitable for areas with moving soil.

2. Strip foundation for frame house

With the help of a strip foundation, it is also possible to provide a reliable foundation for frame-type buildings. The strip foundation easily withstands the most intense loads. But there are two main approaches to its arrangement.

The strip foundation may be standard or shallow. The second is easier to build, it requires less expense. Such a foundation will certainly be able to withstand the weight of a light frame construction. It is him who should be laid. Like the columnar, the strip foundation can be erected from various materials. Use, again, concrete with reinforcement, solid red brick, even rubble stone.

3. Pile foundation for frame house

At the moment, pile foundations are used quite often. But they are more suitable for cases when a frame house is erected on heaving, swampy, peaty soils. The result is a foundation that, even in such adverse conditions, can boldly withstand the weight of the frame house and allows it to remain in good condition for as long as possible. It is only necessary to take into account that usually for the arrangement of the pile foundation significant costs are required. So, they resort to it only in situations where there is no other possibility.

It turns out that the frame house will be built on the foundations of various types. If the owner fully takes into account his own situation, he will definitely stop at the best option, which will allow you to get a building with the best characteristics. Thousands of beauties are waiting for new acquaintances and communication on the Internet. Start sex video Dating on webcam with sexy girls - Here you will find casual Dating without registration and fun flirting. They shoot their sex on video and show it on the site of free porn video chat. The most popular is a porn video chat with naked girls who show their naked bodies.

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