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Darksiders: Wrath of War: Friv Game Overview

So I knew it, and I knew that soon the end of the world would surely come. Any doubtful guys like horsemen of the Apocalypse, winged angels, clad in armor, and powerful horned demons will arrange it. Exactly - the Darksiders characters are , in principle, familiar to us all. A serious conflict has ripened between these mythical creatures of varying degrees of recognition, as well as quite an epic drama - it happened at the beginning of the year on consoles, and now the project got to personal computers.

To disentangle the story mess will be the protagonist named War. He will rush about the game world, periodically returning to already opened locations, approximately as it was in Batman: Arkham Asylum orPrince of Persia (2008) . It just so happened that even though the war itself was uncle and harsh, at one moment he was stripped of all his skills and various weapons. So we will have to mine the first and second in the course of events. Partly, the good will itself fall into our hands (such as a deadly boomerang or a powerful pistol), but basically we will acquire an arsenal and pump it in the Vulgrim shop. This demon is another huckster: for a certain number of souls (which we obtained during the killing of enemies or as a result of the emptying of chests), he is ready to sell new weapons and improve the capabilities of existing ones, and generally contribute to the successful solution of problems.

And the problems here, whatever you take, one is more pathos than the other - the War with a heroic grin tears out still beating hearts from giant bosses and in spectacular slo-mo cuts dozens of smaller opponents. To do this, there is a set of all kinds of combos - despite not the most impressive variety of enemies encountered on the way, some still require an individual approach.

In addition to thinking about methods of killing this or that hellish spawn, we are waiting for all sorts of puzzles. Their formulation and methods of solution vividly bring to mind the images of the same Prince or his acrobatic sister Lara Croft. And let the War be a rather large comrade, and even wearing heavy armor, crazy-sized swords and steel gloves, he darts through the cliffs and crawls along the walls no worse than the two thin-skinned characters already mentioned. And the matter is not only in jumps - often we will have to be controlled with mechanisms in order to open a further path. Everything will help: both the already familiar boomerang and the wings behind our hero’s back (will help a lot to overcome distances greater than the length of the jump). Play online games in the best games of kizi. Online games in the best kizi on this site.

Despite the fact that Darksiders- in fact, a slasher with thoughtless shredding of everything moving and periodic fading in search of solutions to the problem, the developers have not forgotten that without a high-quality narrated majestic story you can’t get far. And although all these pathos of the characters do not give rise to sympathy in the soul and do not pull to shed a tear, nevertheless formidable glances and phrases like “You will answer for everything, villain!” Turned out to be exclusively in its place. So it is conceived: the harsh, but fair protagonist; powerful enemies with heaps of minions; the struggle of mythical creatures taking place on the ruins of our own real world. Therefore, they are simply obliged to make these very pathosic speeches, to throw just such formidable looks and to condemn exclusively "You will answer for everything, villain!" So those who blame Darksidersin excessive theatricality, they simply didn’t “cut the chip”. Moreover, it’s just not possible to find fault with the performance - the magnificent voice acting and the play of the actors bring everything that happens on the screen to a really decent level. The well-known Mark Hamill also took part in the work on the project . I wonder how many of our readers recognize him as The Watcher. Yeah, that same petty symbiont, constantly caustically commenting on the action of the War and taking real pleasure from the failures and suffering of others. True, sometimes the Ranger is even useful - gives advice to the protagonist and guides in the passage.

The project can not avoid comparisons with other games. I myself did this in the article a couple of times, but if you set a goal, then many more names will come to mind. And this is only on personal computers - the owners of the consoles will surely recall a few more titles, including God of War . Nevertheless, being a "hodgepodge" of ideas, Darksiders can captivate and hold the screens. If only because all the familiar elements are pretty cleverly strung on a single thread. The game balance is maintained almost perfectly - they give it a shred, a jump, a pump, and watch spectacular videos. And although it’s not entirely clear what the developers have been doing for so long, we also have no complaints about the quality of porting.

There are few such projects on staff, few. Truly high-quality games in this genre are extremely rare. So to accuse Darksiders of secondary nature would only make sense if this happened every week, and tormented by an abundance of cool and exciting user waved to the right and left of everything that was a little worse than perfect. Do not be shy to admit - we have a well-ported action game with an excellent design, a decent storyline and fascinating gameplay. And, probably, with a good future - the developers said they were considering creating a sequel. In addition, there are plans to shoot a movie based on. In general, keep it up, Darksiders !

Pros: excellent implementation of already familiar ideas; peppy and varied gameplay; high-quality, albeit slightly belated port from the consoles.
Cons: insufficient variety of opponents, as well as combo hits and finishing moves.

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