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Breach: Friv Game Overview

We live in a terrible time, gentlemen. Now demolished buildings are no longer the privilege of expensive projects like Battlefield: Bad Company 2 or Red Faction: Guerrilla . In 2011, even a tiny studio like Atomic Games could afford it. Moreover, she has the audacity to enter the territory of the multiplayer, where, it seems, all the niches are already occupied. Breach is trying to compete with BC 2 and other multi-player giants. Does the rookie succeed?

The first frontier, however, Breach surrenders without a fight - graphically the brainchild of Atomiccompletely ugly. Homogeneous blue porridge instead of snow, faded special effects, poor on the details of the scenery - after the dazzling gloss of "Bad Company" there is nothing to catch on the eye.

Well, okay, these are all trifles. The most important thing, as you know, is the gameplay. It is a weird mix of Battlefield and Call of Duty with rare splashes of Counter-Strike . "Soldiers" are divided into two teams and fiercely mutuzi each other with the support of firearms, sophisticated instrumentation and explosives.

Naturally, before the start of the battle, we are offered to choose one of four (not counting the additional) classes. True, no excesses can be expected: here the submachine gun differs from the machine gunner only in that he has a machine gun in his hands, and the machine gunner has a machine gun. Unique features - zero.

At least somehow, the “pumping” system allows individualization of children - for experience points we buy sights and silencers for weapons, useful devices like first-aid kits and, most importantly, skills. But here's the trouble - the developers threw all the skills and "gadgets" into a common boiler. Sniper in Breachexactly the same improvements are available as the lucky owner of an M16 or a shotgun (with a catastrophic dispersion of bullets, by the way). In this scenario, a great idea would be to allow us to create our own classes, but the set of three “trunks” for all specializations is fixed.

In addition, we are developing painfully slowly. If, for example, Modern Warfare 2 was fascinated by the fact that every half hour it provided us with something fresh, then here you have to fight hard for at least an hour to get your first "perk", and three times as much - in order to unlock a new "gun".

There are only five modes in Breach : the classic "Team battle" with rebirths during the round or without them, the local analogue of "Capture the flag" with a canister in the role of a banner, hold key points and "Convoy". The first four are quite standard and do not need explanations, but the last one is quite curious. In Convoy, the goal of the attacking team is to escort vehicles with reinforcements to several checkpoints, repairing cars and exploding obstacles if necessary; defenders, of course, actively interfere with the escort - spoil the transport and suppress opponents with fire. We already saw something similar in Team Fortress 2 , when we were pushing a trolley with a bomb or carts on the rails.

Perhaps this fun is worthy of the attention of the player. We have already seen miscellaneous "defatch matches" more than once, and they were implemented much better than in the budget creation of Atomic Friv Games . “Convoy” with a stretch can be called original and even fascinating. In addition, it is he who uses the potential of generally good cards most skillfully. Since the transport does not stand still, the fighters have to constantly change tactics. Cars had just rolled over the bridge - enemies were shooting back the escorts from snipers; jeeps disappeared behind the trees: there’s no need for a rifle - you need to grab the M60 and ambush it more often.

Well, the notorious advanced physics is unlikely to extend the life of the project. The problem is that the friv game in no way motivates us to destroy. The local levels turned out to be cramped for equipment (if you do not take into account escort vehicles) - there are no tanks sweeping dilapidated shacks along the way, or terrible helicopters in Breach . Yes, sometimes it’s very useful to undermine the flimsy wooden bridge and force the enemy to make a solid hook on the location. However, you can spend a couple of weeks in battles and not find out about the existence of physics at all. Monolithic trees and pillars contribute to this.

It becomes sad also from long gatherings in the server selection menu: finding a match with a decent ping here is not a trivial task. To meditate over the loading screen for ten minutes and finally use Ctrl + Alt + Del is also a common thing. After that, such trifles as inadequate adjustment of mouse sensitivity and not the most responsive control, even complain, by golly, it’s a shame.

Pluses: dynamic and moderately cheerful "Convoy".
Cons: all other modes are worthless; dreary and ill-conceived "pumping"; poor graphics; destruction has an insignificant role; technical flaws.

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