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Echinacea - beautiful and healthy

If you want to plant a front garden with beautiful and undemanding perennials, then a better option than echinacea is difficult to find. This flower is able to become:
The real decoration of your yard or flower bed;
Treasure of health;
The source of running-in.

Echinacea is able to cleanse the liver, blood, kidneys and lymphatic system. It does not give side effects and has no contraindications. In traditional medicine, echinacea is used for viral and bacterial infections. But in traditional medicine it is used to treat a wide variety of diseases:
Hepatitis, gastritis, leukopenia, stomach ulcers, various kinds of tumors and weaknesses are treated with decoctions made from the leaves, flowers and stems of this plant; Hemostatic and wound healing effects have juice from Echinacea flowers; In acute infectious diseases, general weakening of the immune system, with flu is used decoction and tincture of the roots of Echinacea.

Echinacea is a perennial plant that grows well in one place for six years. With sufficient and regular application of humus to the soil, it can grow for a long time. Propagated by both seeds and division of the rhizome. It is recommended to plant this plant in seedlings. Young plants can freeze during cold winters, so in the first year they are recommended to be covered with leaves or straw. In subsequent years, winters well and without shelter.
It grows well in sunny places, needs to maintain a little moisture in the soil. Not afraid of the wind. Under the condition of mulching, it practically does not need any care. Not susceptible to disease.

Since echinacea is a well-known and effective medicinal plant, many gardeners willingly buy its seeds and rhizomes for growing in their own plots. You can also collect raw materials by harvesting roots, leaves, inflorescences and stems of echinacea, drying them and selling them as a medicine.
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