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The fourth month of pregnancy. How does the baby develop?

So the second trimester of pregnancy began. The unborn child has almost come to an end the formation of the main organs and systems. Your future baby has already completely become like a man. His limbs, head, ears, and even fingers are already distinguishable. The kid is growing every day. And that means that the day is approaching when mom can hold it in her arms.
Naturally, the process of development of the fetus is not yet completed. It cannot be said that all its organs and systems are fully operational. But the important fact remains that all that is in the human body is already present in the fetus and is in its place. This may seem fantastic, but by the thirteenth week of pregnancy the fetus has the rudiments of all milk teeth (they only have to cut through when the baby is born), and the intestines already have villi, which play a huge role in the digestion of an adult, the pancreas already starting insulin production.
And now the first hairs are already covering the baby’s head, then hair will grow out of them, such as those laid by the genes of mom and dad. On the baby's body, cannon hairs also grow - lanugo. These hairs cover absolutely the entire body of the baby and disappear before birth. However, the remnants of these cannons can remain on the ears and face and after birth.
The skin of the future crumbs is very, very thin. It is almost transparent and has a red tint. The fetuses can already distinguish the auricles, they are already located on the head, where they belong. And before that, they were closer to the neck of the fetus. Fingers are already covering thin nails, they are also fully formed. Imagine that your unborn baby can already empty its bladder. With a frequency of 45 minutes, the baby already urinates in the mother’s stomach, and amniotic fluid then removes toxins through the placenta into the mother’s blood. The baby's heart beats, for a day it is able to pump about twenty-three liters of blood through the vessels of the fetus. The unborn child becomes much better coordinated movements. The fruit has already grown enough, its length is about sixteen centimeters. The baby weighs about one hundred thirty-five grams. The fetus can still swim freely in the amniotic fluid, as their volume is still greater than the volume of the baby’s body. The kid is reliably protected from mechanical damage and traumatic environmental factors. The placenta and amniotic fluid reliably protect it. Only the echoes of the voices of the father and mother, music and surrounding noises reach the fetus. The fetus is not yet affected by gravity, which means that no loads are applied to it, which also protects against injuries. Download Videos Patreon Porn

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