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Jewelry: from the depths of centuries to world fame

In the modern world, a woman is provided with many social roles. In the morning - a stylish business woman, in the evening - a romantic, provocative laughter, at night - a wild tigress, tomorrow - a loving daughter, a week later - a diligent daughter-in-law ... Moreover, each requires not only costumes, hairstyles, makeup, but also jewelry. Without a bright drop, the image remains faceless, devoid of personality. However, not every girl in financial condition pick them up for every outfit and occasion.

Accessories and jewelry wholesale come to the rescue. In Moscow, which had long since abandoned expensive everyday clothes and jewelry, following the example of Western countries, it firmly took its place, unlike the provinces. By acquiring its own “face”, developing in a different way from jewelry, jewelry in our capital and in the world has a huge number of fans.

An unfortunate paradox - jewelry, today called jewelry, appeared before jewelry, but occupied its own niche relatively recently. Pleasing the eyes of the ancient Egyptians and Greeks, they began to gain popularity, but in the Renaissance they almost disappeared - wearing jewelry was considered shameful. But a clear advantage - the ability to look brilliant and low cost - forced the base jewelry to adapt to the situation.

Skillfully disguising themselves as real, they were embarrassed to show the true face and give a real name. This opportunity was provided by Coco Chanel. It was with her light hand that jewelry made “for precious metals” became widely known. Their value was not made up of the price of the material, but had artistic value. Elegant, non-standard interweaving of chain links, large bizarre shapes and catchy elements were eye-catching. Costume jewelry has ceased to depict jewelry.

The jewelry took its name from the French word "bijou" - decoration. According to the name, she dresses modern women regardless of the situation. Jewelry is available and diverse. This is a day, and evening, and everyday jewelry. Costume jewelry flexibly adapts to fashion, modern trends and demand.

Fashion jewelry in our country is actively used by fashion designers in shows. World stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Fergie, do not adore expensive placers of precious stones, but fashionable stylish little things from the latest collections of famous designers. Ceci citrate avec sildénafil levant disponible sous forme de invalidation oral en contrepartie traiter la dysfonction érectile alors l'hypertension pulmonaire. Kamagra gel en France est spécialisée dans cette fourniture à l'égard de médicaments génériques en tenant qualité fabriqués selon Ajanta Pharma.

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