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6 Steps Guide To Start An eCommerce Business From Scratch

The generations of millennials seem to be far closer to the virtual world of the web than thousands of old-fashioned store owners who still believe that their brick-and-mortar store is the best place where people may wish to purchase items.

Why Moving To The Virtual Commerce


The fact is that for centuries and centuries brick-and-mortar stores were the only places where people could go to buy the things that they needed. But the advent of the internet came to change many aspects of our life, with the evident result that more people prefer to buy via the web.

Of course, not everything can be bought online and you might sometimes need to go to a land-based store to try the items before to buy, but in general, the market trends suggest that eCommerce is growing largely. This is a sign which speaks itself about what the average customers actually expect and want from commerce. And one of the most typical and worldwide common features that customers want to find is 24/7 availability. We all know that physical stores can't offer such an extended availability (unless you can work 24/7 and have a larger team of employees to cover day and night work schedules).

Another important thing is that today's people want to stay comfortable, so no way to go out when it's dark or cold outside. Online stores offer their high-class services directly via the internet and everyone can access from home, from the office or from anywhere else thanks to smart mobile apps.

Think for a while to online casino venues: they do also represent a good segment of eCommerce. With their secured platform and safe games, online casinos offer 24/7 available entertainment to everyone, including people who live in Middle East or Saudi Arabia. Don't you believe? Visit to see how the casino segment is growing and gaining thousands of users. And that's another important aspect of having an eCommerce business: you can gain customers/users/visitors on a worldwide basis! There's nothing more effective than you can hope if you really want your business to grow, expand and bring you a significant income.

How To Get Started With An Online Store


If you have a land-based store and you want to start also an online store, you don't have necessarily to quit your old store. You can actually be the owner of both stores - which allows you to make an even larger income!

Straight to the point, nowhere is a simple and quick guide to start an eCommerce business and keep it through time:

Brand name
You need to find an outstanding business name that no other business in your niche is using. Make sure to avoid complicated names with a difficult pronunciation or too long names. Be short, direct and remarkable in the same time. Then, register your business name and take care of all the administrative responsibilities that you have to know as a business owner.

Get a website
Get a domain and a website and secure it. Normally, your business name will also be your domain name, unless you can't because someone else already has that domain name. In this case, choose a simple URL that is related to your business/products that you sell, etc.
Consider that you will need professional people to design a good website. It might seem costly, but you won't have any more expenses with an online store. Focus on functionality and on a good eye-impact and choose an intuitive structure for navigation (customers want quick and simple solutions).

Get an employer ID number
Now, you need your Employee Identification Number (EIN) so you can open a business bank account and comply with all tax duties and other paperwork. The EIN is an essential element for all businesses, regardless of the number of employees that you may have, even if you haven't any employees you need to have your EIN.

Business licenses
Online commerce businesses do also require business licenses and permits. Take your time to gather information about the licenses that you necessarily need to start to sell your products via the web.

Even before to be running your online business, you should start to marketing. Prepare written content, record short videos about your business, its story and its mission. Announce that your business is "coming soon" on your website.

Buy advanced software that helps you be more productive. You will need it for your customer service, first and foremost, but also for other aspects of your business management. As the business grows, you may also need multiple software systems in the same time.

Finally, stock your inventory, decide to price, set payment options and shipping methods and get ready to take the challenge!

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